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I bow down to him who breathes out the veda and creates the universe from it, remaining uninvolved and who is the cherished shrine of pilgrimage for all the streams of knowledge. - Sayana Rg- Veda Bhasya
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    Maitreyi stays with me

    The sights & sounds of Maitreyi, of the forest & hills that cradle it, I love them all. The cooks, the maids, the guardians of mind, body & soul, I love them all. With gratitude I share their dream! That it spreads itself under terracotta red, amongst rustling coconut palms & flowerings beds. Its ups & downs all charted out, health & wealth to optimize. Beautiful birds whose names I do not know, of melodious song flit & dart in verdant trees. Blossoms & fruits in mango grooves scent the air, clear blue skies, flowers in all God's hues. Grades of green from dark to light, a feast for my eyes. Waters tumbling down the hills, a brook with cooling, rushing spray, a paradise. To this I came and am loath to go, my bags will I pack with memories, all of love given me & of Yoga in the mandapam.... My aches & pains I leave behind, a result of tortures so endured, at hands of maiden so meek & mild! Contrary to what should be, that Maitreyi be done with me, this desire to return stays with me.

    - By Fazila Nagree
    Dated: 24th Feb. 2015
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Terms and Conditions

1. a) ADVANCE AMOUNT: 50% of the estimate for total stay has to be paid as advance to Maitreyi – 60 days prior to date of booking during the Maitreyi SEASON* (OR 30 days in prior to date of booking OFF-SEASON**).

b) SHORT NOTICE BOOKING: For immediate/short notice bookings the advance must be paid to Maitreyi within 48hrs from the time of confirmation of your room by our office. For cancellations the policy as enumerated below will apply.

2. CANCELLATIONS: In case of any change in your plans or bookings we request the guests to please inform us by mail/phone as soon as possible so that we may re-book the room for others. Cancellation is allowed only until a minimum of 45 days prior during SEASON* OR till 15 days in OFF-SEASON**, to the date of arrival/booking. Beyond the above time frame, the amount paid as advance will be non-refundable.

3. REFUND: For every cancellation 20% of advance amount will be refunded till the last permissible date for the same. The remaining advance amount is non refundable as booking service charges.

4. ARRIVAL CONFIRMATION: Guests must call and confirm about their stay & time of arrival at Maitreyi at least 2 days prior to arrival. This is to assist us plan for your meals on arrival and provide for Check-in formalities, if arrival is at odd hours.

5. BOOKING VOUCHER: Our customer service team will generate and forward the ‘Booking Confirmation Voucher’ to you after your advance is credited into our Bank. Please produce a printed copy of the same ‘Booking Confirmation Voucher’ at the time of Check – in for smooth completion of formalities and to help us provide for your stay at Maitreyi as per your pre-booked requirements.

6. LATE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE: The room will be blocked for you in case of delay in arrival till up to 24hrs in SEASON* and 48hrs in OFF-SEASON** after which period it will not be available and must be re-booked. The amount paid as advance will be non-refundable.

Please Note:

* Season for Maitreyi is from 15th September to 15th of March. (Totally 6 months)

** Off-season for Maitreyi is from 16th March to 14th September. (Totally 6 months)